Here are what some of our customers have said about Yolpme...

Within half an hour of uploading a job on I received a qualified and targeted referral via Facebook that matched the job description. Yolpme is a great new way to find quality candidates far more quickly and cheaply than traditional recruitment methods. I'll be back again!

Sabir – MD, REBORN.

Yolpme is innovative and modern and aligns well with our brand. We love the idea of tapping into a whole new pipeline of talent and utilising different strategies for sourcing the best people. The fact that everyday people with great networks get to participate and benefit also increases the appeal. We look forward to reaping the rewards of doing things differently.

Catherine Crowley – Head of People, Swisse Vitamins.

Traditional advertising is a thing of the past for today's leading recruiters. We see Yolpme as an internet service we need to partner with to stay ahead of the curve; 80 per cent of the talent we place comes from active referrals generated by our staff.

David Jackson - Founder and CEO, S2M.

The Yolpme concept resonated with us from the offset as we were struggling with rising recruitment fees. We have already seen success with Yolpme and one recent hire was fulfilled from post to acceptance within 72hrs! Moving forward we'll be putting all our job vacancies up on Yolpme.

Paul Armstrong - CEO, Sitback.