How it Works

Earn cash by connecting the people you know with their perfect job.

Yolpme provides a unique way to make money. How? You simply share jobs posted on the Yolpme website with colleagues, friends and acquaintances. If a person you've introduced gets the job, you get the advertised cash reward. It's that easy!

Yolpme has a range of features so you can customise your recruiting style – from how you'd like to hear about jobs to the way you share them with your network. Better still, it's free – no joining fees or commissions!

Whether you're a first-timer or a fulltime "Yolper", you can maximise your cash rewards by following these four easy steps...

Find Find... define your recruiting style

What is the first step you need to take to earn your Yolpme cash reward? Find out what jobs are available. There are a number of ways to stay informed about jobs that will suit your social and professional contacts.

How to zero-in on relevant jobs:

Use Yolpme when and where it suits you

Browse jobs and their rewards anytime at, or on your mobile at Browse Yolpme Jobs now.

Receive job alerts via email or Twitter

Click the "job alerts" tab on your Yolpme account, then select the job categories and locations that apply to your networks. Choose how you want to hear from us, either via email or Twitter – or both! – then select how often you'd like to receive alerts... we'll do the rest!

Keep informed through Facebook or LinkedIn

Simply like us on Facebook, or Follow us on Linkedin to receive a live feed of the latest jobs and rewards on offer.

Add our RSS feed

Simply add our RSS feed by category and or location to your RSS reader or social news reader

Our RSS feeds are found on the "Yolpme jobs" and "company pages"

Refer Refer... leverage your networks

The old saying "It's not what you know, but who you know" is truer than you think. The size and calibre of your social and professional networks will determine how successful you are in matching the right applicant with the right job and, ultimately, pocketing that cash reward.

There are four convenient ways to share jobs within your network:

Email jobs directly to a friend or contact

For a more personal approach, refer the job to a potential candidate with an email containing the job details and a personal message from you.

Broadcast selected jobs via social networks

Got a big network of connections? Save time by broadcasting specific jobs on your Facebook wall, LinkedIn updates and Twitter feeds. That way, you can select suitable jobs and share them with your entire network.

Send jobs directly to a friend or contact via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Send the right job to the right person within your network. The better you are at pitching the right job to the right person, the better your chance of earning cash rewards.

Auto-publish jobs via social networks

If you're short on time or simply looking for a set-and-forget option, you can auto-publish jobs via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This gives you the greatest exposure across your entire network, without targeting specific individuals.

Employ Employ... maximise your return

You've kept track of job alerts, drawn up a list of candidates and got online to spread the word... but there's one more way to increase your chance of earning cash rewards

Introduce your candidates

You can improve your candidates' chances of landing a job interview by personally introducing or recommending them to an employer.

To shortlist the best job applicants, an employer may ask you to provide some information about any candidates you've referred who have applied for the advertised position.

In that case, you'll receive an email containing a link to a brief questionnaire. Simply answer the questions to complete the candidate's application.

Alternatively, you can introduce your candidates before an employer asks – it's a great way to boost their application. To do this, simply click the questionnaire link within the notification. Your introduction will then appear within the candidate's application.

Assess your candidates

Improve your Yolpme ranking (coming soon) and, ultimately, your success rate, by referring jobs to only those people who best match the job criteria

Employers prioritise candidates who are referred by Yolpme members with the highest referrer rankings. It pays to protect your ranking by referring only those candidates who possess the skills for the job.

Need tips on how to refer the perfect candidate for a posted job? Go to our refer section

Stay informed

Your account dashboard is the best way to stay up-to-date with Yolpme developments. It lists the jobs you've referred, your candidates' job applications as well as your referrer ranking.

Earn Earn... claim your reward

With Yolpme you earn real cash...not points!

Our process is simple

If a candidate you referred gets the job and keeps it for at least 14 days, Yolpme will bill the employer for the reward amount, then pass this amount on to you within 48hours of receiving it.

There are three simple steps involved:

  • We bill the employer on your referred candidate's employment start-date.
  • The employer is required to pay us within 14 Days of the billing date.
  • Within 48 hours of receiving payment, we transfer the funds to your PayPal account.
  • Read the complete Referrer FAQs

Looking for a job yourself? Earn a sign-on bonus

Why use a normal job board or job advertisement to apply for a job when you can earn a sign-on bonus with Yolpme?

If you apply for a position advertised on Yolpme and get the job, you earn a sign-on fee. All applicants who are successful are awarded the cash reward on offer!

Read the complete Candidate FAQs

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