1. How do I post a job?

First you'll need to register for an employer's account at Register to post a job Once you've registered, complete the steps, including the cash referral amount you've nominated, to post your job. You'll have the chance to review the job before it's sent to Yolpme for approval.

2. Is my job posted on the site straightaway?

No. Yolpme reviews all new jobs and company profiles before they go live on the site. If you're re-posting or editing your job listing, this will also go through the approval process. The approval process is normally completed within one hour during business hours (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm AEST).

3. How long will the job be on the Yolpme website?

All jobs are listed for 28 days. If the role is not filled within 28 days, Yolpme will email you to re-post the role to the site. There are no additional fees for re-listing a job and, as long as the position is still available, it can be re-listed indefinitely.

4. Why do I need a company profile?

A company profile provides a snapshot of who you are and, most importantly, why job candidates want to work for you. It gives you the chance to entice job applicants and encourage job referrals. Referrers and candidates can browse by company under Yolpme's companies section and can follow the company to learn about new roles via RSS. View the Companies section

5. What information should I include in my company profile?

It's best practice to include a short summary about your company, what it does, what the work culture's like and the benefits of working for your organisation. Remember, this is your chance to sell your company to a potential candidate.

6. What size should my company logo be?

It should be 70 pixels high and no more than 100 pixels wide. If possible, please use a square logo.

7. Do I have to re-enter my company profile information every time I submit a job?

No. Yolpme stores this information after you enter it the first time, so you only have to fill out this section once.

8. Is the referral fee the only cost?

No. Yolpme charges 20% plus GST on top of the referral fee for linking employers with the untapped pool of talent at our referrer's fingertips. Remember you only pay if the job is filled through Yolpme.

Example of Yolpme's fee structure:

Employer's nominated referral fee Yolplme fee Overall cost
$200 $40 $240 + GST
$500 $100 $600 + GST
$1000 $200 $1200 + GST
$5000 $1000 $6000 +GST

9. How much should I offer referrers as a cash incentive?

Cash rewards provide an incentive for Yolpme members to share your job with their network of professional and social contacts. Generally speaking, the more you offer, the more motivation they have for referring the job. As a rule of thumb, we recommend you post the role at approximately 5% of the annual salary. Just remember, the bigger the reward, the greater the incentive.

10. How does referral payment work?

You only pay once the job is filled. Using the candidate management suite, you can either advise Yolpme that the role has been filled or we'll periodically contact you to enquire whether the role has been filled. Once you've changed the candidate's status to "hired", you'll be billed for the referral payment and the 20% Yolpme fee plus GST.

11. Can I add an additional user to my Yolpme employer account?

Yes, with Yolpme you can add multiple users and assign them as either "admin" or "user". Admin has full access to company-wide jobs and candidates, while a user's access is restricted to a sub-brand or franchise's jobs and candidates. To add an additional user, go to "admin profile" and select "users".

12. I have multiple businesses. Can I set up a master/sub-account so that I have an umbrella view of all my brands or franchises?

Yes. You can have a Yolpme parent account then set up multiple sub-brands or franchises under your parent profile. Each of the sub-brands or franchises are assigned an individual user log-in and you have the option of adding a unique company profile by sub-brand or franchise. To set up a master/sub-account, go to "admin profile" and select "users".

13. Who will see my job vacancy?

Once your job has been approved by the Yolpme team, we'll post it to the Yolpme job board, Yolpme Facebook and Yolpme Twitter stream.

14. I don't want people posting to their news feeds; is there another option?

Yolpme gives you the flexibility to choose the way you'd like your jobs to be shared. Decide between broadcast or direct contact:

Broadcast: Referrals are posted via the referrers chosen social networks. Referrers can post jobs to their "walls" on each of the social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn as well as contact individuals directly.

Direct contact: Referrals are sent only to known personal and professional contacts. Referrers can send the job to people they're connected to within their chosen networks.

15. Should I advertise the position on other job boards?

It's your decision whether you use other job boards. Keep in mind that most of these have different business models and will charge you up-front fees in excess of $200. The other advantage of Yolpme is that our community of referrers will send your job to candidates who may not be looking for work. Unless candidates are actively job hunting, they won't visit other job boards.

16. Can I edit or change my job once it has gone live?

Yes. Simply amend the content and re-submit it to Yolpme for approval. The approval process is normally completed within one hour during business hours (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm AEST).

Log into your account, choose the role to edit, make your amendments and re-post.

17. I've found someone I'd like to employ; now what?

Using the candidate management suite, simply change the candidate's status to "hired". Following that, Yolpme will bill you the referral fee and the Yolpme fee plus GST.