1. I clicked on the link from my colleague; now what?

This link will direct you to the landing page of the job you've been referred for. Have a good read through and if you're interested, simply press "apply", enter your details and upload/link your resume.

2. I've sent off my details to the employer; what happens from here?

The employer will be notified that you've applied for the job and will contact you if they wish to proceed with your application.

3. Who is ConnectCV? I haven't used them before

ConnectCV is an online resume and career management resource that allows you to create an online resume with ease. Yolpme is proud to work in partnership with ConnectCV. For more information, visit

4. Can I apply for a job I found on Yolpme?

Yes. Simply click on the apply button and provide your details.

5. If I apply for a job on Yolpme and am successful, who gets the referral payment?

You do! If you apply directly and are successful, you earn a "sign-on fee", which is 100% of the advertised cash reward for that position.

6. How do I know if I've been successful in my application?

You'll receive a "successful application" email from Yolpme with the great news. It's then up to the employer to contact you about how to proceed.

7. Can I contact the employer directly?

The employer's contact details are generally not disclosed on the site. If you'd like to follow up directly with the employer after you've applied for a position, you'll need to make your own enquiries.

8. What if I have additional information to add to my application?

You can include any additional information for your job application in a cover letter. After you've selected "apply now", look for the "cover letter" option, where you'll have the choice to upload one from your desktop or write a letter in the text box provided.

9. What if I have already applied for the job through another recruiter or job seeker website?

Employers will generally activate the first application they receive. However, that doesn't stop you applying through other platforms.

10. Will my details be sent to other employers without my knowledge?

No. Yolpme upholds the strictest privacy policy and we'll never share your details with third parties without your consent.

11. What happens if I don't receive my cash reward?

While we don't guarantee that any employer will pay a particular reward, we do follow up on any late or failed payments and endeavour to resolve the matter. If this can't be resolved quickly, we'll notify you of any possible delays and provide regular progress updates.